Pisces Pottery


Hand Made Pottery Simply Made.

Honest pots for every day use.

All pots have been hand crafted by myself, either wheel thrown, wheel thrown and altered, or hand built using coils or slabs of clay. I use a variety of clays but mostly stoneware and earthenware. These are generally twice fired in an electric or gas kiln to between 1120-1300c dependant on clay and glaze. I make most of my glazes from raw chemistry allowing for more individual results. 

Clay to Pots

Converting clay into a pot is a craft. It is a craft that has been practiced for thousands of years across the globe. It takes a great deal of practice. Often people make the mistake of thinking it is easy. It’s easy when you know how and, as with most things, gets easier with practice. Most pots are either wheel thrown or hand built using coils or slabs of clay or a combination of these methods. 

From Clay to Ceramic

The pots are allowed to completely dry before being fired in a kiln. The fuel used to fire the kiln can be electric, gas, oil or wood. The type of fuel and design of the kiln itself has a significant impact on the finished look of the pots. 

Colour & Decoration

Colour and/or decoration can be added to pots at different stages dependant upon the type of affect being sought. The type of kiln that the pots are being fired in can also impact there own signature to the pots.


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